Global Health Care created a neuronet-based IT service for small enterprises

16 October 2018

We at Global Health Care created an Online Tool to design your own product, which allows you to calculate the cost of any order in just a few clicks. The tool is based on a neural network (neuronet) and employs machine learning methods. This is a pioneering digital service of such kind in Russian industry.


Global Health Care is a platform for Contract Manufacturing of dietary supplements and foodstuffs (sports nutrition). The Online Product Design Tool allows the factory to successfully cooperate with small enterprises and individual entrepreneurs whose goal is to produce various products under their Private Label. We offer affordable MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity) of 5,000 units, which is twice as low as an average MOQ of Russian and CIS manufacturers (10,000 units).


Anton Lifshits, the General Director and co-owner of Global Health Care, notes that “This tool is peerless across the entire Russian industry. When creating the Designer Tool, we chose to focus on the needs of individual entrepreneurs and SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises), since this specific audience places 30-40 order cost inquiries for small quantities per week on average. Traditionally, factories are not interested in cooperation with SMEs, on the contrary, everyone is more interested in large-scale orders and high-profile customers. We decided to go a different way by using our capabilities to produce the volumes of foodstuffs and dietary supplements that correspond to the existing market demand. For this purpose, we have created the Online Product Design Tool, which helps to transfer the algorithms of customer-factory interactions to the digital space and thus simplify and expedite these processes manifold.”


The tool incorporates several hundred ingredients and ready-made formulations allowing the customer to create a unique product each time. Depending on the product form (powders, capsules, liquid drops, effervescent tablets), the tool can offer various options for packaging and label design (economy to premium).


The entire process of product creation and order placement is divided into 7 steps. During step 8, the tool calculates the exact cost of production. If the price is not suitable for you, you can go back to any previous step and introduce necessary changes.


The interface was designed user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly. Hints are provided for every step so that anybody can create their own product and place the order without any specific knowledge. This new IT service allows us to answer 90% of questions asked by the customers of the factory in relation to the production of product batches of any size. Furthermore, it is complemented by a live chat with manager that helps in resolving non-standard issues.


The Online Product Design Tool was developed by Global Health Care's team of programmers and R&D specialists. Code writing took 3 months, with another 16 weeks dedicated to training the neural network. The algorithms incorporated into the tool are developed to process thousands of combinations of various ingredients, formulations, product forms, and packaging options in order to provide user with the best solution in accordance with their requests.


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