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This User agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) sets forth the terms and conditions for use of materials and services of the web site at (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) by Users.

This Agreement is made equivalent to a written contract and is a deed of adherence in the meaning stipulated by Art. 428 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation that comes into force after its acceptance by means of performing actions stipulated by the Agreement.

The information is published on the Website on behalf of GLOBAL HEALTH CARE Ltd. (PSRN 1177746358294, TIN 7726400474, KPP 772601001, address: floor 2, office 11, bldg. 17, str. 15, Dukhovskoy per., 115191 Moscow) (hereinafter referred to as the “Rightholder”).

The Rightholder reserves the right to amend, insert or delete clauses herein without notice.

Continued use of the Website by the User shall mean that the User accepts the Agreement and any amendments thereto.

The User shall be fully liable for ensuring that the current version of this Agreement is adhered to.

Use of materials and services at the Website shall be governed by the current active legislation of the Russian Federation.


Rightholder shall mean a legal entity that published the offer.

User shall mean a legally capable individual who has access to the Website online and has accepted the Agreement under the terms and conditions stipulated by the offer.

Offer shall mean this Agreement published at

Acceptance shall mean complete and unconditional acceptance of the offer by means of performing actions stated in clause 4.1. hereof.

Content shall mean information in text, graphic, and audiovisual (video) formats published on the Web site as its content. Content of the Website is developed by the Rightholder in order to simplify the functioning of the Website, including the interface of the Website interface.

Simple (non-exclusive) license shall mean the User’s non-exclusive right to use the intellectual property stated in clause 3.1. hereof, whereas the Rightholder may grant licenses to other persons.

Request shall mean a request duly drafted by the User for feedback from the Rightholder regarding Rightholder’s activities and services.


This Agreement sets forth the conditions and the procedure for use of the Website, which informs the User about Rightholder’s activities and products, by the User.

Subject to this Agreement, the User shall be granted a simple (non-exclusive) license for use of the Website with the use of a PC and/or a smartphone, to the extent and in accordance with the procedure stated herein, without the right of sub-licensing or assignment.


Any of the actions listed below, when performed by the User, shall be treated as acceptance of the offer by the User:

Visiting the Website;

Submitting a request with the use of the Web site.

By accepting the offer, the User guarantees that he/she read, agrees with and accepts all terms and conditions of the Agreement irrevocably and in full, and undertakes to abide by them.

The User hereby acknowledges that acceptance of the offer is equal to signing and execution of the Agreement subject to terms and conditions hereof.

The offer shall become effective after its publication online at the address stated in clause 2.3. hereof and shall remain valid until revoked.

The Agreement can and shall be accepted only in its entirety. Once the User accepts terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Agreement shall become a contract signed by and between the Rightholder and the User, and no hard-copy (physical) document shall be drafted and/or executed by the Parties.


The User may submit a request by himself/herself using the form published on the Website, where the User specifies his/her name, contact phone number and e-mail, and leaves a message.

Request submitted with the use of the Website shall not constitute any agreement concluded by and between the User and the Rightholder regarding any services or goods.

Prior to submitting a Request, the User shall read this Agreement and the Privacy Policy published by the Rightholder.

Once the application from the User is received, the Rightholder shall contact the User using the e-mail and/or contact phone number specified by the User.


Pursuant hereto, the Rightholder shall provide the User with the right to use the Website as follows:

the Web site shall be used to view, read, submit a Request, and use other features and functionality of the Web site.

The User may not perform the actions listed below when using the Web site and any part thereof:

copying, distribution, reproduction, publication or any form of processing of materials and information published on the Website without prior written consent of the Rightholder;

modification, copying or other alterations of the Website including translation into any other languages;

breach of the protection system or any actions intended to circumvent, remove or deactivate protection features; use any source codes meant to distort, delete, damage, simulate or breach the integrity of the Website, information and protocols;

interference with proper functioning of the Website;

tracking or any attempts to track any information on any other User of the Web site;

using the Web site and its Content for the purposes prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation as well as encouraging to any unlawful actions or other activities infringing the rights of the Rightholder or other persons.

Any rights not expressly provided to the User hereunder shall be reserved to the Rightholder.

The Web site is provided for use without any guarantees from the Rightholder to eliminate defects, maintain and improve the Website.

The Rightholder shall not be held liable for visiting and use of external resources, the links to which may be found at the Web site, by the User.

The User agrees that the Rightholder shall not have any liability or obligation related to ads which may be placed at the Web site.

The User agrees not to take any actions and not to leave any comments or posts which may be viewed and/or treated as violating the laws of the Russian Federation or international laws, including intellectual property, copyright and associated rights, universal moral principles as well as any actions which cause or may cause disruptions in the functioning of the Website.


The Rightholder shall:

At its own cost and expense eliminate any defects in the Website identified by the User within 30 calendar days from receipt of a corresponding written notice, namely:

discrepancies between the contents of the Website and the data stated in clause 3.1. hereof;

presence of materials prohibited by laws.

Refrain from any actions that can hinder the User from exercising the right to use the Website in accordance hereto.

Provide information regarding the functioning of Website using

Ensure confidentiality of information entered by the User during the use of the Website.

The User shall:

Use the Web site to the extent and in the manner stated herein.

Submit Requests using actual (not fake) information. If misleading information is identified or if the Rightholder has any doubts related to information reliability as well as if the specified contact information is identified as non-existing when trying to contact the User, the Rightholder may unilaterally terminate any relations with the User.

State the following information in the Request: name, contact phone number, e-mail, and a message for the Rightholder.

Strictly adhere to and not violate this Agreement.

Refrain from copying, modification, amendment, disclosure of the Website (including the content of the Website or any part thereof), and refrain from making derivatives without prior written consent of the Rightholder.

Not use any devices or computer programs for disruption or attempted disruption of normal functioning of the Web site.

Promptly inform the Rightholder of any known unauthorized use of the Website by third parties.

Use the Website without any breach of property and/or any personal rights of the Rightholder or third parties as well as prohibitions and restrictions stipulated by applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the right to commercial name, the right to commercial identification, copyright and associated rights, rights to trademarks, service marks and designation of origin, design rights, rights to use images.

Prevent placement and transfer of illegal, indecent, slanderous, minacious, obscene, adversary materials as well as materials containing harassment and signs of racial or ethnic discrimination, calling for actions which can be an offence or violation of any laws, as well as be identified as inadmissible due to other reasons; materials advocating violence and cruelty, materials containing strong language.

Perform other obligations set forth in the Agreement.

The Rightholder shall have:

Suspend or terminate User’s access to the Web site if the Rightholder has grounds to assume that the User commits illegal acts.

Collect information on Users’ preferences and ways of using the Web site (most frequently used functions, settings, preferred time and duration of staying on the Website, etc.) which is not personal data, in order to improve the functioning of the Web site and to perform diagnostics and faults prevention.

Block the User for violations hereof.

Unilaterally amend the Agreement in the form of new revisions thereof.

Temporarily suspend the functioning of the Web site and partially restrict or completely terminate any access to the Web site as required for Web site maintenance and/or modernization. The User may not demand compensation of losses for such temporary suspension of services or limitations of availability of Website.

The User shall have the right to:

Use the Web site to the extent and in the manner set forth herein.

The User may not consent to perform this Agreement if he/she is not legally entitled to use the Web site in the country where he/she lives or stays or if he/she is younger than required to have the right to sign this Agreement.


For the purposes hereof, the User agrees to provide and authorizes the processing of his/her personal data under the terms and for the purposes of due performance of this Agreement. “Personal data” shall mean personal information provided by the User for the purpose of acceptance of the offer.

The Rightholder shall process User’s personal information in accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ dated 27.07.2006 “On personal data” and the Privacy Policy located at ______________________.

The Rightholder shall guarantee the confidentiality of User’s personal data.

Personal data disclosed by the User to the Rightholder shall not be subject to disclosure save for the cases when the Privacy Policy requires otherwise.


The Parties shall be held liable for defaults or improper performance of obligations hereunder in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

The Rightholder shall not be held liable for correspondence of the Website to the purposes of use.

The Rightholder shall not be liable for technical faults in the functioning of the Website. At the same time the Rightholder shall take any reasonable measures necessary to prevent such faults.

The Rightholder shall not be held liable for any actions of the User related to use of the right to access the Website; for any damage incurred by the User as a result of loss and/or disclosure of data during the use of the Website.

Should the User breach this Agreement or current laws (including Rightholder’s right to intellectual property), the User shall be held liable to the Rightholder in accordance with the currently acting legislation.


In case of any disagreements or disputes between the Parties hereto, it is mandatory to raise a claim (draft a written proposal on voluntary settlement of the dispute). A claim sent to the Rightholder by the User shall include the following elements: full name, information confirming the existence of relations between the User and the Rightholder or otherwise confirming the fact interaction of the User with the Rightholder; signature of the individual or his/her representative.

A claim letter shall be examined within 15 business days from the date of its receipt by the addressee.

If a dispute can not be settled by means of negotiations, either Party may take legal action to protect its rights granted by the current active legislations of the Russian Federation.


The new revision of the Agreement shall become effective immediately after its publication on the Website.

If the User does not agree with the terms and conditions hereof, the User may not use the Website.

The Rightholder and the User may interact in the form of sending of letters/inquiries/claims by e-mail and/or by sending registered letters with Post of Russia. Rightholder’s e-mail address:

This Agreement is drafted in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Should the legislation of the Russian Federation be amended, this Policy shall be brought in line with the current legislation within a week from the date of introduction of such amendments.

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